An avatar should be a living, evolving expression of identity. (IDs) are avatars that evolve, decay & die - created using AI.

Every ID has a Lifecycle trait (1, 2, or 3) - this determines whether the ID can be evolved. If you have a fully evolved ID, you can burn it in exchange for an Afterlife ID (a brand new avatar with new utility)

As ID’s are burned, the overall supply decreases and is reborn in the Afterlife ID collection.

Impermanents are evolving, AI-visualized art avatars.
They can evolve, they can die.  

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︎See The Afterlife ID Collection grow with each burned ID:

The Afterlife ID Collection

Burn for an Afterlife ID or Evolve here.
Burn multiple ID’s at once here.

︎︎︎ See your available options for your ID

Impermanent DecisionSimulator

︎ Compare your original punk to its AI version:

Impermanent ComparisonTool

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